Shorts Program

Palm Springs Cultural Center – Camelot Theatre
Tuesday, March 24, 2020  |  3:00PM
(109 minutes)


Black Hat

A seemingly pious Hasidic man living a secret double life misplaces his black hat one night causing his two separate lives to collide in a way he never imagined.

Paradise Apartments: Generation Clash

This film gives parenthood and mother-in-laws a whole new dimension. Life Partners Nef and Stephan await the arrival of Nef’s parents from Israel to meet their new grandson and they are not even aware that their son is gay.

The Warsaw Robin

A little girl finds solace in a library from the dangers lurking in the destruction that was once her home. An animated short that will leave you will a smile.

Men of Clay

In today’s world of violence, hatred and volatility a little girl looks to a mysterious source for assistance.

To Be A Child Again Israel

This film is a snapshot of Israel, as seen through the lens of eleven children selected from different backgrounds and demographics. This candid view casts an intimate and personal light on Israel’s youth.