PSJFF 2018

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Robert and Cheryl Fey

Roberta and Stephen Edelstein 


Shoshana Barer and Dennis Seidenfeld


Sandie Ovesen  

Marv and Eileen Stern

Serene Lazar

David Vogel and Larry Fulton

Silver Screen

Fred and Priscilla Ostrowski

Jewish Family Service of the Desert

Renova Solar

Reel Angel

Frank & Stern, Inc. 

Sandra and Gerry Ostroff

Alan and Sherry Saltzman 

Ira Helf and John Knoebel 

Harley and Caryl Rudofsky

Kim and Perry Shwachman

Sally Goodman

Soo Borson

James Williamson and Geoff Kors

Gail Minkow

Cathy and Iarry Pitts

Jerry and Susan Steinberger

Rosanne Kumins

Melanie Garver and Boris Gurevich

Ella and Leon Ohana

Festival Fan

Rabbi David and Sascha Lazar

Bill and Gail Kanter 

John Marksbury and Chuck Steinman

Larry Fechter and Tom Stansbury

Marcella Halter

Gayle Robinson

Julia Taxman

Leenie and Roger Kaplan

DA Computers

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Sunshine Cafe

Susan and Eric Ortner

David Cheifetz

Joel and Judy Slutzky