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Temple Isaiah Palm Springs

While midcentury architect E. Stewart Williams is probably best known for his bank buildings in Palm Springs (as well as his design for Sinatra’s Twin Palms estate), he also undertook a commission to design a synagogue. The fledgling community of Temple Isaiah was founded in 1947, and its first home was completed in 1951.

The original building consisted of a sanctuary and community center, as well as offices, library, and a central patio. Materials were humble–poured concrete, cinderblock, wood ceilings, and brick. Williams’s signature inverted arches, seen in the Coachella Valley Savings and Loan building (now a Chase bank) are present here–only once again turned right side up. The original ark was designed by architect Donald Wexler while Williams designed the menorah as well as the woodwork.

332 W. Alejo Road
Palm Springs, CA 92262
T: 760-325-2281

Camelot Theatre

The original 625 seat Camelot Theatre located at the Palm Springs Mall was opened on February 4, 1967 by then President of Metropolitan Theatres Sherrill Corwin at a cost of $750,000.00. The proclaimed state-of-the-art cinema, equipped to the standards of only three other theatres in the United States, debuted with a star-studded screening of “Dr. Zhivago” as a fundraiser for the United Fund.

That evening set the stage for what was to become nearly two decades of success for Camelot Theatre as well as the growing chain of Metropolitan Theatres.

2300 E Baristo Road
Palm Springs, CA 92262
T: 760-325-6565